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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sidney's Baptism

To our surprise, Easter happened to fall on April 12th, Sidney's 8th birthday . What a perfect day to celebrate an eighth birthday! On May 16th, we were able to participate in her baptism. We had an enormous support from our ward family. I felt a tremendous gratitude for those who have welcomed us to this Mississippi community. For the small group of faithful members who have sincerely shown us that those things important to us, are important to them. It was a beautiful day.
As Sidney was asked to give a talk this past Sunday on Baptism, she jotted a few of her feelings down to share....

"When I was baptized I felt clean and good. When I was pushed
under the water, I felt warm because the water was warm and because I was getting baptized. As I was dressed in my white dress, I felt wonderful. It made me happy that people were there to see me get baptized. They would say nice things to me like, "Way to go!""

Here are a few facts and thoughts of mine as I have reflected on Sidney's life.

Sidney was born on Thursday, April 12, 2001, in the Timpanogas (Orem) hospital.

Her name came from my very special Great Grandfather, Sidney Alexander Pace, and my Grandfather, Joseph Sidney Pace.

She was our only child to be induced, and was the most pleasant birth.

She had full head of jet black hair....she was absolutely beautiful!

Sidney was the most passive, pleasant baby. She could be left in the middle of the floor on a blanket and she would do nothing. No crying, no crawling, no whimpering....nothing. I thought it was very unusual, but did not complain.

From early on, she became very attached to her thumb and blanket. As long as she had that combo, she was perfectly content.

At about 2 years old, she had the most adorable Shirley Temple curls. She was always a happy, smiling child.

We moved from our Midvale home to California when Sidney was about 9 months. So, in her short 8 years, she has lived in 4 states.

As a little girl, Sidney became a wiz at puzzles. Today, she is excellent in Math, and is an A student overall. She is a pleasant student and a hard worker.

She has always loved purses, and today, she carries around a ladies purse that Aunt Natty gave her....nearly half her size.

She loves to draw and color.

She doesn't mind a messy room.

She hates to listen to other people singing. She thinks it is "so ANNOYING!" ie: Kenadee

She will play for hours outside in the dirt with Spencer, and then together go inside to play cars and paint fingernails.

She likes to put on make-up and paint her nails, as well as, any other gullible visitor male or female.

Sidney is an independent worker, and can work and play by herself for hours.

When she's nervous, she skips.

She is not afraid to visit with and make new friends. She met half of those who attended her birthday party at recess.

She doesn't like to sleep in the dark, and many times will bunk up with someone.

She loves all kinds of foods....definately our best eater. Our mistake was introducing her to shrimp and crab. She will try anything.

She loves, LOVES little children! She will be a great babysitter someday.

We are so blessed to have her in our family. She is a great example of goodness and love. Sidney is a follower of Jesus, and will be a great champion for Him throughout her life. We love you so much Sidney!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Shock Value about December I decided to start running. To motivate myself I signed up for a race in Pensacola, Florida. Since that time I have have been running fairly regularly, and so far have completed two 5k's and two 10k's. I've never finished last, but frequently have seen the police car trailing close behind signifying the end of the race. I actually enjoy it quite a bit, and look forward to having time to run, which is the hardest part. My point in all this rambling is that Jalayne has been very supportive. She is always flexible in letting me run even when it is not convenient, and best of all she is always at the finish line to snap a photograph. She is more than supportive, and for this and many other things, I love her. All and all we had a great weekend and enjoyed great weather.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Our lil' Buddy

Yesterday was Spencer's birthday. I can't believe he is 6 years old! I still remember vividly walking the halls of the Saddleback hospital on a beautiful Laguna Niguel, CA afternoon, wondering if it was going to be the day to finally see our little boy. And then being disappointed, scared and commited to set up camp in the parking lot because they wanted to send me home at 4cm. From the pattern of prior deliveries, that would only create the home birthing experience that Shawn had always dreaded. But luckily, they kept me and around 2pm, "I laughed him out" as the doctor put it. He was perfect.
We named him Shawn Spencer. Lauren wanted Mason. So all the way home both Lauren and I cried, she because Spencer just wasn't good enough, and I, well simply just's complicated, you know.
Well, that Lauren that couldn't bare having a "Spencer" in her life at the time has just loved on him since day one. Even yesterday when I picked her up, she asked Spencer if he was having a great birthday, and told him that she had told her whole class that it was his birthday, and they all wanted to wish him a "Happy Birthday." Isn't that sweet. And to this day, she still tries to be right there, "hand's on" when unwrapping presents, to show him where the tape is and the best place to pull the edges. Only for a little brother.

was born on March 25, 2003
Had lots of dark hair, and big hands.
In fact those hands will look just like his Dad's, big and strong. I can see that today.
Was a good, sweet baby with beautiful blue eyes.
Sucked his thumb early on. That led to one finger in his mouth, another up his nose, with the other hand holding his blanket close. Still, he was cute.
Loved wearing his Superman costume or cape WHEREVER we went. Especially loved to run and see his cape flapping in the wind.
Learned to ride a bike when he was barely 4. Nearly knocked his front teeth out: TWICE.
LOVES superheroes, especially Transformers. Has been asking for Transformers for a LONG time....I thought this phase would end.
Used to love dressing up in the girl's dress-up clothes.
STILL likes having his nails painted blue. Even when his friends ask in bewilderment "Why?".
Doesn't like to hug or kiss me when I drop him off to school. Although, I can always see him looking at me in the corner of his eye with a smile that he is trying to hold back.
That same look is there when I pick him up.
BUT, LOVES me to hold his hand when I'm at school. I can't leave without watching him at recess.
Absolutely MUST wear a suit and tie to church.
Often talks me into letting him wear it to school.
Likes jewelry, and often looks like Mr. T. I'm serious.
LOVES mud and dirt. Bathes every night, and I am constantly washing his shoes.
Was TERRIFIED of dogs (even little ones) until Raven came along.
Raven, our dog who eats EVERYTHING, was given Spencer's old bedspread as a new bed. He tearfully chewed her out while waving his finger, "You better not eat my blanket!".
Doesn't like to cry in front of people.
Breaks my heart when he cries after getting in trouble. I know that he is really hurt.
Is soft spoken.
A perfectionist in things.
Loves to read instructions and build things.
His next love: Legos.
A great little reader, and top of his class at school.
Has perfect penmanship for a little guy, and a great artist. It is astonishing.
Still loves his blanket. Lost his first one when he was tiny "in the mountains" on the way to Utah. Cried the whole way there. I cried too. Hasn't missed it since getting a new one from Aunt Natty.
Loves McDonald's. Tried to eat there twice for his birthday.
Says the only thing that makes him tired at night is being able to play with his toys, or read.
Loves them in the tub too. All of them, except the books.
Will always be our little Buddy. We love him!
Happy Birthday little man!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Florida in February

Recently, we returned from a fabulous vacation in Florida. The weather was amazing, so warm, sunny- Perfect. Our company was great, as we spent a few days with Mike, Mandy and their kids while Mike and Shawn ran the Bridge to Bridge run in Pensacola, and then off to Kissimmee to meet up with Grandma, Grandpa and Mickey for 3 days. We loved every minute.

I DON'T like to run...

unless I can carry a Snickers in my pocket. Is that ok?

I am trying to get motivated, but it is so HARD! I don't eat THAT healthy, and don't exercise (except when I am cleaning....and I DO consider that some exercise). How do people over come their addictions? I mean, last night Shawn and I shared nearly a whole bag (not the mini) of M&M's while laying in bed watching TV. If you look in my nightstand, you will find a collection of goodies.....from Almond Snickers to taffy. I'd like to call it an evening tradition. That sounds nice. However, the guilt is becoming more than I can bare! Surely, I'm losing years of my life due to these unfortunate habits.

I declare, it must be in the genes. How can people exercise twice a day, and then go home to eat whole grain everything, complete servings of fruits and vegetables and maybe a flourless chocolate cake made out of tofu and pure, bitter chocolate (I'm sure that's possible....tofu can be transformed into anything, or so I've heard). Many people do this without wincing, aches, no sorrow. I don't know how they do it.

Switching gears. SERIOUSLY, I see the meaning of having "opposition in all things," as applied to this aspect of our lives. Taking care of our bodies is a enormous challenge for many of us. For Latter Day Saint church members, we have the word of wisdom. I believe that living or not living this commandment has huge ramifications, not only for us individually, but as families. And the consequences sometimes aren't so visible. I believe this, yet I don't live it completely.

Shawn has been working so hard to live healthier. He has cut out his Coke consumption, almost entirely, and he has been running 3-6 miles nearly every day for 2 months. We just returned home from the Bridge to Bridge run in Pensacola, Florida. There he ran his first race. I am so proud of him. I KNOW it is hard work, because I still can't get up an moving. But, I am motivated by him and the knowledge that my future is largely in my hands. I want to grow old being healthy and active, so I can enjoy my husband, children and grandchildren.

That is my motivation.

Memphis has a 10k in April. Now where do I get those dorky headbands?

Wish me luck.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

A great book

I am not much into novels. Yes, I did dive into the Twilight series, like most of you, but honestly I am still stuck on the third book. It sits near my nightstand collecting dust. I admit, I have tried to have a crush on the delectable Edward, I really have. But, sadly, I'm not. Am I normal? I mean The Twilight series is like the High School Musical movies series for little kiddies...and big kiddies. It even reaches daddies...don't tell, but my hubby loves to jog to the music. I think he even does a little shake or two and belts out a few tunes...that is, until he realizes he is not in the Wildcats basketball championship or at East High's Prom. I don't fault him, I even wish I were Gabriella sometimes. AHHHH..... what's that song....I can hear it now. Anyhow, I am rambling, and my point really is that I don't fall in love with many novels or fictional characters. I spend most of my time reading current events or educational articles and books. On occasion, I find a book that I think will give me a spiritual lift. May I recommend an author who I have really become captivated by. His name is James Ferrell. I don't know how I came across his first book, "The Peacegiver," but it is one of the most amazing books ever. Short, but powerful. His new release, "The Holy Secret," is equally fantastic. These books have helped me with my perspective on life and the things that are most important. They awaken my spirit, and help me re-prioritize. They help me want to be better. Sorry Edward, I could love you, but I just don't think that will get me anywhere.
Anyone who wants to borrow my copy, either book, let me know. I have the Twilight series as well. And Friends, please remember that I love "ladies night out." Don't banish me when the vampire hero comes into town, I have been and will continue to be one of those first in line to buy movie tickets.